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From Yvonne (March 2017) 


"Thank you for making Jonathan and I feel relaxed about the lessons and how we can progress without any pressure and understanding our needs. We really enjoy the lessons and can ask any questions about the lesson and you explain on a level that we can understand. As a complete beginner I did not think I would ever be able to understand music or play a keyboard, but now I know it is possible with the right tutor. Thank you so much. "

Darren teaching Jonathan as the Mayor of Tamworth observes
(Mar 2017).

From Carolyn (September 2019)

"Darren has taught my son the piano for nearly six months now. He has always been very reliable, prompt, patient and professional. With his use of coloured dots initially, he gave my son confidence that he could play the piano within a very short period of time. This confidence in turn has given my son an enjoyment of the piano, which has allowed him to play more pieces of music than I would have ever thought possible in six months! Darren has also spent time during the lessons going through music theory, which has opened up a whole new world when my son now listens to music. I would recommend Darren to anyone."